Debbie Stone for Upland City Council

During my first 3 years of service on the city council I have worked hard to ensure that I always work in the best interest of our entire community.  Sometimes this means making decisions I don’t necessarily like or that might not make me the most popular person in town, but are the right things to do for our community as a whole.  I have served without questions of my integrity or motives.  I have not and will not accept campaign contributions from any city employee groups.

Making our city economically stable and sustainable is my most important priority.  Maintaining our Public Safety Services and other vital Public Services is critically important.  I will work to ensure that our city remains safe and properly maintained while operating within our means.

I have lived in Upland since 1979, raising my daughter here, and am proud to be a part of a family with a long history of public service to Upland.  My work over the past 29 years has prepared me to deal with difficult situations when emotions run high and opinions differ.

I will ALWAYS represent the citizens of Upland honestly, and act at all times in the best interest of our entire community as your Council Member.  I am your Voice in City Leadership.

Please contact me with your questions or concerns at, or by phone at 909-256-8787.